Y6 Writing

Green Park are getting into Google Classroom in a big way. On Monday, it was introduce to Y6 with Ms Robinson, and Y6 themselves left to handle it…..well….read (some of) the results!


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The tepid air surrounded the derelict construction, quilting it with begrimed fumes. The infrequent and erect bricks from the undercoat of the ruin stood to attention like eager soldiers, daring for its enemy to make the first move.  One minor, blue door illuminated the aged brickwork that situated above, encountering inadequate thoughts of the once loved and respected house, that welcomed the generation before all was abandoned. Blessed memories were made; all that is left now is criticism and wonder about what lies beneath and behind the ancient and uninhabited walls. A mystery that will continue for years to come.


A box stared at the door with evil eyes as though it was going to pounce at any moment.Unlike the rest of the building, the door was strong and denied the eyes of the box. A horrored wind sneaked through gaps and soon the wall began to fall and the door was surrounded.Against the army of the box the door would surely be defeated and it was… therefore the town was lost, darkness fell everywhere years went by and soon the town began to rot into the ground and all that remained was the eyes of the box…


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The calm, crystal, blue water shimmered in the bright sun. Two men in a fresh, snow-white boat, challenged the biggest feature of the world.  The wind turned from a calm breeze into a tornado of air. Blue water sprayed in every direction. Fish under the ocean wondered what had happened to start the disturbing war. The challengers now regretted the terrifying dare.The men expected an ordinary day of fishing yet instead were attacked. The men were forced against the bow of the boat as fear struck them. They held on trying to live for as long as they possibly could.



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