Homework and Information

Homework and reading record hand-in day is Friday each week…  Please make sure you bring it in on time and hand it in WITH YOUR NAME ON.

Please remember to read aloud at least twice a week to an adult and have your book signed… Ask your parents to challenge you with a few questions, and remember we are thinking about finding the evidence for your answer from the text.

Please ask your parents to go through your work with you and let us know if we need to go through anything with you again.

 Week Ending 15.3.14

Live Mathletics for at least 20 challenges.

Reading comprehension – as always you can have help with the reading but try to answer on your own.


Week ending 7.3.14

Mathletics actitvities and SpAG


Week ending 14.2.14

Maths – go onto the left hand side of Hit The Button – try some decimal number bonds and other challenges.

Literacy – reading comprehension on a sheet.

Week ending 17.1.14

Maths:  Practise your written methods.  See if you can teach anyone at home a method they don’t know.

Keep your new method mats safe!

Writing: contractions sheet.

Please keep up your reading – out loud at least twice a week to an adult.  Don’t forget to ask for some questions about the text, including hidden meanings and word finding challenges.

Week ending 6.12.13

Learn as many song words as you can so that you can sing beautifully next week.

Number bonds – as fast as you can!

 Week ending 22.11.13

Maths – fractions maze.  Use a pencil lightly to try to get through the maze before you colour in the path. (Some of you have a different fractions sheet.)

Literacy – reading comprehension sheet.  Remember you can ask an adult to read with you but you must answer the questions yourself.


Week ending 11.10.13

Literacy:  Sheet – find the nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.

Maths:  Sheet – make and name the triangles.


Week ending 27.9.13

Literacy:  SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) – sheet with adjectives and nouns practise.

Maths:  Problem solving with money.  Do as many as you can, show your working out on the separate paper.  Use formal written method if you need to, or just jottings.

Don’t forget to read OUT LOUD to an adult at least twice!

 Week ending 20.9.13

Literacy:  Reading comprehension – sheet.  Ask someone to help with the reading if necessary.

Maths:  Practise the long column method of addition. Check in school if you forget what to do.



Week ending 13.9.13

Literacy:  All about me – writing and picture (sheet)

Maths: Practise your tables for our tests.

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